The New Edition Story|PART ONE Review



With Part One of the New Edition Miniseries down I wanted to share my thoughts!

I loved how it opened up with the DRAMA and possibly one of the lowest points of the group’s relationship. The “Home Again Tour” was the first major concert I ever went to and it was nothing short of amazing even with the hiccups. I was fortunate enough to go to one of the first shows which was when the backstage train wreck was just starting. Bobby arrived like an hour late to the show and visibly intoxicated. From where my family and I were sitting (I eventually got moved to the 3rd row center) we could see him stroll in. On stage, they laughed off the Bobby shenanigans, but because of it I couldn’t go backstage. I had the hookup from my cousin who a manager at The Palace in Auburn Hills at the time, and that was something I had been anticipating all day. So, yea…Bobby ruined my chance on meeting them at 11 years old. Nonetheless, the movie had me at hello. However, every time I got caught in a trance, BET would cut to a commercial. Messed up the momentum a bit, but in our generation we loathe commercials in any situation. So, now that that’s out the way. Let’s continue…

The casting for the lil’ New Edition was perfect in my opinion. The baby Bobby Brown has to be kin to him, IDC IDC! Those facial expressions and body rolls cracked me up every single time. I also thought the Mike Bivins looked like real deal as well. As far as the other three guys, they definitely captured the essence and the personalities. They resembled the guys as well as the older actors enough to make a smooth transition. But wait…did y’all see how they dyed baby Ronnie Devoe’s eyebrows lighter? Y’all know Ron struggles in the dept. That made me chuckle but I appreciate the attention to detail.

The VOCALS! Omg! I was nervous when I heard the actors re-recorded the songs (with the help of Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Babyface) but I was pleasantly surprised with ¬†the results. They were so on point that y’all probably didn’t even notice. That baby Ralph is a beast! Below is a clip of when he performed “Is This The End?” at a New Edition show:

I love the camaraderie that is displayed in the movie. You can tell that they truly are brothers and you understand their struggles a little bit more. Brooke did an excellent job of keeping them united and strong. Most young men wouldn’t have kept on working hard day and night ESPECIALLY when they’re not getting paid.

Tonight, I’m excited to see what happens when Bobby’s ego gets out of hand and the group starts to divide. I’m hype because I know we’re about to tap into the “Heartbreak” era and that’s my FAVORITE! I loved that album from beginning to end and most of my favorite NE songs comes from that project, specifically “You’re Not My Kind Of Girl”! Tune in at 9PM for Part Two!




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