The New Edition Story|PART TWO Review

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Whew! Part Two of The New Edition Story is over and man…they sent me on a ride! Now, I consider myself to be a true New Edition I’ve collected footage of interviews, performances, music videos, etc over many years…so I thought I knew everything they had to tell. I did not! I knew all they had been telling the fans up to this point! In this movie, they’re spilling real tea and emotions that I’ve never got a chance to hear or see.

Here are a few things I learned in Part Two that I didn’t know before:

  1. Ralph suggested they throw a rap in “Cool It Now” to introduce the other members – This was interesting because I always wondered why they didn’t find a way to include all of their names. Especially since everyone always has to ADD Ralph’s name to the roster (You can’t say their names out of sequence, it’s kinda disrespectful). But, everyone already knew HIS name because he was the lead. So unselfishly, he suggested they shout them out. Great idea. Much respect. (Now say it…Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, and Mike…if I love the girl who cares who you like?)
  2. Mike Bivins almost lost his spot in the group BEFORE Bobby – This was NEWS to me! I won’t give that spoiler away because that scene was TOO good but I’m glad they show how much they fight yet, ride for each other. Real brotherhood.
  3. Ralph’s girlfriend had a miscarriage – I’ve heard stories about rifts between the group (Ricky, Mike, and Ronnie) and Ralph after Bobby left (the two often refer to each other as “Partners in Crime”and they’re still best friends to this day) but now it makes more sense. The pressure of carrying the group, although by force and not by choice, was a bit too much. On top of that, you’re teenage girlfriend is pregnant and loses the baby. That had to be tough…

Here are some cool things I noticed that made it feel SO REAL:

  1. Soul Train – When they were backstage about to perform on Soul Train who else noticed the infamous dancers (portrayed by actors) Cheryl Song (the “bad ass” Asian with the long hair) and Louie Ski Carr (the light-skinned dude with the hat and cape-like jackets)?? That little piece of Black History is iconic.
  2. Johnny’s (Luke James’) Wig – I know it LOOKS bad…but he indeed DID have a struggle curl back in those “Half Crazy” days. If you don’t believe me, Google it. They made a great choice casting Luke James…voice matched with the essence. I’m digging it.
  3. The Album Covers –
    • Man! I love how they explained why Ronnie is the only one with a damn attitude on the “New Edition” (1984) album cover! The look on his face is straight up “Man…hurry up and take the damn picture.”
    • The making of the “Heartbreak” (1988) album cover literally had me screaming in my living room. Y’all…that album is BY FAR their best body of work. BY FAR! As well as my personal favorite. I remember looking at the cassette tape jacket and thinking how cool they looked. I knew even back then that I liked THIS version of them better than the teeny-bopper looks they were forced to sport back in the day. When Algee (Ralph) threw that left hand in the pants pocket of that suit…BRUH! I bout died.

Well I’m super excited yet a little sad that this will be over soon…Part Three tonight at 9PM on BET! Don’t miss the turn up!

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