Rank ‘Em – Top 10 Solo Songs by NE Members

As far as I can remember I’ve said New Edition is the best group ever created. Simply because no other group could branch off and each member have individual success outside of the group. Name another one? I’ll wait. You may have one Justin Timberlake or Sisqo, but no one is checking for the other members solo projects. When it comes to New Edition EVERYONE shines, B. Here is a list of MY personal favorite songs by Ralph Tresvant, Johnny Gill, Bobby Brown, and Bell Biv DeVoe:

10. Do What I Gotta Do – Ralph Tresvant (Ralph Tresvant 1990)

When Ralph dropped his solo album I was only five years old so the sound was too mature for my ears. I gravitated towards the up-tempo tracks like “Stone Cole Gentleman” and “Rated R” but as I got older, I appreciated the sultry ballads. This is one of my favs…so smooth.

9. Fairweather Friend – Johnny Gill (Johnny Gill 1990)

The vocals. The lyrics. The New Jack Swing sound. Enough said.

8. Rock Wit’cha – Bobby Brown (Don’t Be Cruel 1988)

For all y’all youngstas who aren’t aware of the sex appeal Bobby Brown had…watch this. A homeboy who could talk you right out your unmentionables. Not up for debate. He bagged Whitney, Janet, and Madonna ALL at their career height. And y’all praise Drake and Common? Tuh.

7. Do Me! – Bell Biv DeVoe (Poison 1990)

I had nooooo business singing this song in Kindergarten but I damn sure knew all the words! Talking about “jimmy hats”, sex with underage girls (Busta Rhymes penned the rap verse Ronnie spits), and of course the infamous line…”SMACK IT UP, FLIP IT, RUB IT DOWN, OH NOOOOOOOO!” Check out a young Nia Long in the video too!

6. When Will I See You Smile Again? – Bell Biv DeVoe (Poison 1990)

If you want to really appreciate Ricky Bell’s vocals you betta get into this joint! This ballad STILL knocks. I loved BBD’s versatility as a unit. Hip-Hop smoothed out on the R&B tip, with a Pop feel appeal to it…it’s MENTAL.

5. Don’t Be Cruel – Bobby Brown (Don’t Be Cruel 1988)

My prerogative was great but this right here was a smooth ass song! Bobby was THEE shit. NE was the first to do the whole sing/rap thing…get hip!

4. There You Go – Johnny Gill (Boomerang Soundtrack 1992)

Let’s be clear…The “Boomerang” Soundtrack was amazing track for track. The whole project was written and produced by LA Reid and Babyface and Johnny killed this song. Remember when he performed this on Patti LaBelle’s NBC TV Show “Out All Night”? Probably not, but I do! Here’s the clip.

3. Sensitivity – Ralph Tresvant (Ralph Tresvant 1990)

You already know Ralph been bae…I used to watch this video on repeat. The way he moves, sings, croons…y’all. *Faints* These lyrics are so relevant to my life now. Why don’t guys sing about love anymore? All they sing about it sex and y’all swoon…basic. Ralph could teach your fav a few things.


2. I Thought It Was Me (BBD) – Bell Biv DeVoe (Poison 1990)

For my 30th birthday I had a big 90s-themed bash and one thing I HAD to have were “Fly Girls” like In Living Color. The very first song my dancers performed that night was this! I know you’re wondering “Why not Poison?” because I dare to be different. Although, I appreciate “Poison”, I’ve heard it so much that it’s not a gem, it’s for the world now. I’ve always like this song the best.

1. Roni – Bobby Brown (Don’t Be Cruel 1988)

I probably listen to “Roni” at least once a week. Babyface wrote this ballad for Bobby after an encounter with a groupie whom he stole from another member of The Deele. Babyface said that the girl came to the lobby after declining sexual advances and he was there playing the piano. She sat down and he was like “You’re not like other girls…” then he started freestyling…”The truth about a Roni, she’s a sweet little girl. You can treat her right feel nice and hold her tight.” That’s some slick game right there. Play “Roni” for a chick and watch her blush. This is also the song that got Bobby in trouble on stage. He would always pull a girl up and  grind while he serenaded her. One time it got so raunchy he was arrested after the show. I’d like to see that footage!

What are some of your favorite songs? Let me know!

Songs that didn’t make the list but still worth the Google search:

Something In Common – Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston (Bobby 1992)

Money Can’t Buy You Love – Ralph Tresvant (Mo Money Soundtrack 1992)

Yo Baby Yo – Ralph Tresvant (House Party 2 Soundtrack 1991)

Something In Your Eyes – Bell Biv DeVoe (Hootie Mack 1993)

It’s Your Body – Johnny Gill featuring Roger Troutman (Let’s Get The Mood Right 1996)

On Our Own – Bobby Brown (Ghostbusters II Soundtrack 1989)



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