Unpopular Opinion: “SET IT OFF” Classic Film, Poorly Written


Set It Off is a classic movie but poorly written. Before you curse me out for having the audacity to speak badly of this precious black gem…hear me out. This is why I feel this way:

  1. If you’re going to insist the audience call Stoney “Stoney” can we at least know why? Tesean “TeTe”, Cleopatra “Cleo”, Franchesca “Frankie”, Lena “Stoney”?? Why though?
  2. If Stoney was in such a bind where she had to sleep with old ass Nasty Nate, why in the hell did she rip the check up? Especially when she hates working for Luther. She ripped it up immediately too…no consideration or thoughts that she could possible change Stevie’s mind about school or enroll on a later date. Nope, she just ripped it up. Girl. No.setitoff5
  3. During the first bank robbery they’re not smart enough to discuss the plan for the FINAL time in the car or at the apartment. Where do they have the final discussion? In the lobby of the bank they’re about to rob. Not only do they bicker back and forth but they also put on and/or adjust their wigs. People walking by and whatnot yet, no one seems to care…chile.
  4. Speaking of wigs, those disguses were pitiful the first two robberies. They stepped it up a bit with the blue jumpsuits and masks but they should have kept the wigs too because their hairstyles were so unique. Jesus, make them smart.
  5. During Robbery #2 (Balboa Savings and Loan! *Frankie Voice*) Stoney, Frankie, and TeTe went in while Cleo stayed behind in the car. Now, we know how that ended with Cleo driving the truck through the bank and out of the glass windows, ultimately fleeing the police. Ok…not saying that this isn’t possible but…How in the hell did they get away from that? This isn’t Grand Theft Auto! Furthermore, after that very close call why on God’s green earth would you attempt it again WITHOUT a solid plan?setitoff
  6. When Keith takes Stoney along with him to his bougie work soiree she’s asked her name…she says “Lady”. Yet, in the next breath you hear Keith’s colleague call her Stoney. This isn’t a big deal, it just irritates me.
  7. The final robbery they insist on robbing the bank where Keith worked…let me tell you why this whole part of the movie infuriates me…First, Downtown Federal may have a ton of cash BUT what does that matter if y’all aren’t taking it all? I’m sure LA is full of BIG banks with a lot of cash. Rob my man’s bank? Nah. Second, even IF I would have agreed to the rob my man’s bank I would have at least suggested that I be the getaway driver! Like, did Stoney not have a licence? Seeing as how Frankie was the brains (I use that term loosely) and Cleo was the brawn why weren’t they elected EVERY single time to go in? Y’all robbing the largest bank in the area and Frankie is chillin’ in the AC. Chile…no. Stoney should have sat her ass in the car or suggested a different damn bank.
  8. What was their getaway plan because clearly they didn’t think that far? Yet, they thought they would still be able to make it to TeTe’s child endangerment case. Aye, yi yi…



Don’t get any of this confused, I consider “Set It Off” a classic! I watch it over and over and tear up or cry every time I watch it but because I watch it so much I’m able to point out the “WTF” moments. The movie is great but I can’t help but shake my head when I think about all of the mistakes and plot holes. With that being said, I am SUPER excited to see Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett-Smith come together again for “Girls’ Trip”! This time instead of Kimberly Elise and Vivica A. Fox, the foursome will be rounded out with Regina Hall and (best friend in my head) comedian Tiffany Haddish. Please check out the film in theaters July 21, 2017…no bootlegging this one. (Plus, they still look DAMN good 21 years later!)


Peace + Love,



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