Unpopular Opinion: “SET IT OFF” Classic Film, Poorly Written


Set It Off is a classic movie but poorly written. Before you curse me out for having the audacity to speak badly of this precious black gem…hear me out. This is why I feel this way: Read More


What I Want To See In The Tupac Biopic

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After almost 21 years of living in a world without the GREAT Tupac Amaru Shakur, Hollywood (The Great Powers That Be) is finally releasing a movie based on his life! “All Eyez On Me” stars Demetrius Shipp as Tupac and is directed by Benny Boom, acclaimed music video director. The film will be released on June 16, 2017 which is also Tupac’s birthday, so that’s a double dose of culture for you. Here are some things that I want to see in the film: Read More

Rank ‘Em – Top 10 Solo Songs by NE Members

As far as I can remember I’ve said New Edition is the best group ever created. Simply because no other group could branch off and each member have individual success outside of the group. Name another one? I’ll wait. You may have one Justin Timberlake or Sisqo, but no one is checking for the other members solo projects. When it comes to New Edition EVERYONE shines, B. Here is a list of MY personal favorite songs by Ralph Tresvant, Johnny Gill, Bobby Brown, and Bell Biv DeVoe: Read More

The New Edition Story|PART TWO Review

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Whew! Part Two of The New Edition Story is over and man…they sent me on a ride! Now, I consider myself to be a true New Edition historian..as I’ve collected footage of interviews, performances, music videos, etc over many years…so I thought I knew everything they had to tell. I did not! I knew all they had been telling the fans up to this point! In this movie, they’re spilling real tea and emotions that I’ve never got a chance to hear or see.

Here are a few things I learned in Part Two that I didn’t know before: Read More

Bell Biv DeVoe Talks Biopic, NE Fight Stories, New Music & More on The Breakfast Club

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Bell Biv DeVoe blessed the airwaves this morning with an AWESOME interview on Power 105.1 nationally-syndicated radio show, The Breakfast Club. As they dodged Charlamagne Tha God’s immature questions, they spilled group tea and elaborated on scenes from the film. Hearing them talk about how awful Read More

The New Edition Story|PART ONE Review



With Part One of the New Edition Miniseries down I wanted to share my thoughts!

I loved how it opened up with the DRAMA and possibly one of the lowest points of the group’s relationship. The “Home Again Tour” was the first major concert I ever went to and it was nothing short of amazing even with the hiccups. I was fortunate enough to go to one of the first shows which was when the backstage train wreck was just starting. Read More