New Edition Movie Cast on Sway #BlackBoyJoy!

This past Wednesday the guys from the New Edition Miniseries stopped by Sway in the Morning to talk about the film and their movement #blackboyjoy. What started out as a basic interview turned into a complete jam session! The fellas passed the mic freestyle rapping and singing all the while hyping each other up.

One thing I have noticed about the cast is that Read More


The Best and Worst R&B Remakes

I’m a huge fan of remakes and covers as long as they’re done right. Most of the time, I’m pleased with the results but sometimes I’m like “Ooh they TRIED it!” Just because you’re a fan of a particular song does NOT mean that you should attempt to sing it yourself. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite covers over the years along with some of the worst…here it goes…


Giving Him Something He Can Feel – En Vogue

(Originally performed by: Aretha Franklin for the Sparkle (1976) Soundtrack)

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The Funky Divas killed this song so well that most people haven’t heard the Aretha Franklin version. Although, I respect (no pun intended) Aretha, her version doesn’t compare to the harmonies of En Vogue. They were perfect for this record making it a timeless classic.

Lately – Jodeci

(Originally performed by: Stevie Wonder)

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Destiny’s Child Reunion in 2017?

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Back in October, Destiny’s Child started a VERIFIED Twitter and Instagram account so of course DC fans and Bey Hive members were ON IT! (Including me!) 2017 will mark their 20 year anniversary since their first single was released on Columbia Records (No, No, No Part II featuring Wyclef Jean) and it looks like we may get the reunion DC3 fans have been waiting for! Here are a few of my predictions and theories… Read More

In Case You Missed It: Beyoncé’s CMA Performance

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Queen B graced the stage last night at the CMAs along with The Dixie Chicks and it was her normal SLAYAGE, of course. Can we expect anything less?? Apparently, some country music fans were outraged and they spent hours complaining about it like it was going to actually stop Bey OR stop the CMAs from capitalizing on those viewers that they racked up. When are you trolls going to learn that Beyoncé can do whatever the fuck she wants to do? She constantly swerves the haters like this… Read More

My Mama Taught Me

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While on a road trip with my homegirls this weekend I started playing “My Lovin’ (Never Gonna Get It)” by En Vogue and my friend asked “Did anyone else get sick and tired of this song as a kid because their mom played it too much?” YES! My mom played the entire Funky Divas album out and got on my nerves although in my adult years I began to appreciate the song because I could really understand the content. So, it got me thinking…what songs did my mom play back in the day that I grew to love as an adult? Here’s my list… Read More

Instant Classic Interview with Smokey Robinson

Stop what you’re doing right now and watch The Legendary R&B Singer and Songwriter Smokey Robinson chat it up with The Breakfast Club. He talks about everything from growing up in Detroit,  the competitive writing process at Motown, why he pinned some of his most famous hits and more! Read More

Who is June’s Diary?

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I’ve always been a big fan of girl groups (Fun Fact: I used to be in a trio called Once More during my teen years, shhhh) from 702 to En Vogue, I probably obsessed about all of them but recently girl groups have been MIA. In walks Kelly Rowland in all her glory searching for talented girls across the country on her BET show “Chasing Destiny”. Not only was I a big fan of the show but now I’m a huge fan of the group! June’s Diary consists of five ladies Brienna (New Jersey), Gabbi (California), Kristal (N. Carolina), Shyann (Florida), and Ashly (California). These ladies can SANG, not just sing! Don’t let the fact that they were brought together on a “docu-series” or their name throw you off (the name had to grow on me too) PLEASE give them a listen. Read More